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Hi There, Welcome to The Hyper Study

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Thanks for your interest in "HYPER", a health project for young, same-sex attracted men.

If you are a 16 to 20 year old male who are attracted to men, the Sexual Health Research Unit at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre is conducting a young men's health project that you may be interested in.

Your involvement in our research will help us to improve the health of young men and to know more about the role of a very common infection – the wart virus, known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The HPV virus can cause genital warts as well as some cancers in men.

We aim to find out how common HPV infection is among 16-20 year old men and the best age to give HPV vaccines to young men to prevent HPV. The HPV vaccine will be given free of charge to participants at the end of the study. Currently this vaccine costs men around $400.

This study is being conducted by the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC), part of Alfred Health.

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